Family Of 2015 Homicide Victim Fights For Justice

Monday, January 23rd 2017, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

The 2015 homicide at North Highland Park is more a mystery now than it was nearly two years ago. 

Rodney Hennesy, 26, was gunned down during a fight on March 22, 2015, in the park near NW 82 and Harvey.

Oklahoma City police made an arrest in the case within months of the death but criminal charges have been pending since then. 

In recent developments, the victim's family learned that Jontae Jenkins, 21, the man initially arrested in connection with the fatal shooting, was released from the Oklahoma County jail. 

"Please God, give me justice for my son," Tonya Hennesy said. "It's starting to affect me that a murderer is out here walking around,smiling, and joking like it is fine what he did." 

According to the arrest warrant, a fight erupted in the park.

At some point, Rodney Hennesy pulled a knife and stabbed a man. 

Investigators indicated that's when Jenkins, who was not involved in the altercation, shot Hennesy several times.

He died of two gunshot wounds to the chest.

"I know who did this to my brother," Latoya Hennesy said.

She said she was with her brother when the shooting occurred. She and others provided witness statements to investigators. 

"I have flashbacks every day, I have nightmares, and I have sleepless nights," Latoya said. "I wake up and know that my brother is not getting justice."

In May 2015, an arrest warrant was issued for Jenkins naming him as the shooter in the confrontation at the park. 

He was arrested and served time for outstanding warrants in state custody. 

Then, just this year, he was transferred back to Oklahoma County on the murder warrant. 

Prosecutors say investigators never presented charges on Jenkins due to insufficient evidence. 

Jenkins was released from the jail on Jan. 10, 2017. 

News 9 was unable to reach him for comment in time for this report.  

Despite the setback, the Hennesy family says they're not giving up. 

"I'm not going to stop fighting for my baby ... I'm going to fight for the rest of my life to get justice," said Tonya Hennesy. 

The family is calling on anyone with information to come forward to police. 

“We are going to keep fighting," said Destiny Hennesy, the victim’s sister.