DOC Says They Are 30 Percent Understaffed

Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 7:28 am
By: News 9

You've likely heard our report that Oklahoma teachers could make more money working at Quick-Trip. Now the Department of Corrections reports that corrections officers could also make more working at a convenience store.

But not only is pay plaguing the DOC, the department is also severely understaffed, likely as a result of the lack of pay.

DOC officials now report the department is 30% understaffed when it comes to corrections officers.

To be fully staffed, the department must hire at least 755 new officers.

Which the DOC director said is tough because the starting pay for officers is $12.78/hour.

"They can go to Quick-Trip or On Cue or 7-11 and start more than that and don't have their life on the line every hour or every day they're behind the wire," said DOC Director Joe Allbaugh.

DOC officials also say that if an officer is the sole provider for a family of four, he or she would qualify for food stamps.

Dealing with the staff shortage and overcrowding, the DOC has also asked for $850 million for two new prisons.