House Speaker Suspends Rep. Kirby's Committee Chairmanship Pending Investigation Results

Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 4:07 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall Tuesday, suspended Rep. Dan Kirby’s chairmanship of the House Business, Commerce & Tourism Committee pending the findings and recommendations of the House Special Investigation Committee after Rep. Kirby publicly announced his intent to refuse to testify before the Committee. 

The state representative at the center of a House investigation into sexual harassment complaints at the Capitol, a process he had vocally supported, is now refusing to testify.

Kirby says the committee conducting the investigation has not provided him with documents he needs to prepare his testimony, limiting his ability to defend himself. He also says he opposes the "closed nature" of the meetings.

"Until the committee can guarantee a fair process," Kirby stated. "I can not [sic] subject myself to a blind interrogation.”