OKC Police Chief: Undocumented Immigrants & Local Muslims Live In Fear

Tuesday, January 31st 2017, 4:48 pm
By: Karl Torp

The current political climate has police reaffirming that they are ready to help everyone regardless religion, race, or immigration status.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty doesn't want anyone to be afraid to a report a crime.

“We want the minority community to know that if they are the victim of a crime to make that phone call and we will come out,” said Citty.

“The fear is real,” Chief Citty told City Council members about local immigrants.

Citty was asked to speak with city council members Tuesday. Council member are wondering if President Trump’s new travel ban is having any impact on the job of police.

The answer is ‘no.’ Even though OKC is not a “sanctuary city,” where police and immigration officials do not work with each other, Citty made it clear his officers are not in the immigration enforcement business either.

The chief adds that some local Muslims have been the subject of recent threats.

“We have dealt with some direct threats,” said Citty.