Police Warn NW OKC Residents Of Scam

Monday, February 13th 2017, 10:48 pm
By: News 9

Some devious teenagers are conning kindhearted residents in northwest Oklahoma City.

Police have received several reports of a school fundraising scam underway in neighborhoods near NW 122 and MacArthur Boulevard. 

So far, Warwick Estates and Westlake neighborhoods have been hit by the young con artists.

Police reported show three teenage boys are going door-to-door posing as high school athletes.

"They were clever," said Bill Skiles.

Skiles is a retired U.S. Secret Service agent who recently fell victim to the scam.

He said of all the criminals he's dealt with in his career, none were so brazen as to steal from him in his own home.

Skiles invited the three students, posing as Putnam City North High School basketball players, into his home when they stopped by claiming to be selling candy to raise money for new uniforms.

"I wanted to help them and they came out on top," he said. 

Skiles selected the candy and left them standing in his front entryway to retrieve money from his bedroom.

At that point, Oklahoma City police said the young con artists put the rest of their scheme into motion. 

Two of them distracted the victim by asking for water while the third stole items from the home. 

"We just caution people always be careful when dealing with a door-to-door salesman," said Oklahoma City police officer Travis Vernier. "If you don’t know the person don’t let them into your house."

He explained several neighbors have already been scammed by the same con artist.

They ask for cash and say they are affiliated with Putnam City High or Putnam City North High schools. 

"Neither team is selling anything now," Putnam City Schools spokesman Steve Lindley said. "Do not let them in your home."

He advised residents to ask to for a student ID, call the school to verify and never give someone cash.

Skiles seconds that advice and wants to share a valuable bit of wisdom with the young con artists.

"Try to behave yourself. You don’t have to go around stealing. You can get a job," he said. 

Oklahoma City police are working to identify the three suspects.