Lawmakers Speak Out On Lt. Gov. Lamb Resigning From Cabinet

Thursday, February 16th 2017, 5:00 pm

Gov. Mary Fallin’s administration was dealt a serious blow on Thursday after Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb announced his resignation from her cabinet in opposition to her tax plan. 

The Governor is calling for 164 new taxes to bridge the state’s estimated $868-million budget deficit. 

Lamb stepped down from his cabinet position within the administration as an advocate for small businesses. He says he just can’t support the governor’s tax plan 

“I talk to our small businesses all across Oklahoma and the visits I’ve had so far, our citizens are very concerned about those tax increases and what it would do to the bottom line of our small businesses.” Lamb said, “That’s the backbone of our economy and it would have a very negative impact.”

Lamb says the Governor should instead focus on streamlining state government. Republican and Democratic leaders agree with Lamb’s decision. 

“[I] fully understand Gov. Lamb making that decision and the reasons that he did. I think both chambers have expressed some concerns about just rolling out a tax increase like the Governor did,” said Sen. Mike Schulz, President Pro Tempore.

“Clearly when the governor can’t have the lieutenant governor, the pro tem and the speaker of the house all on the same page when it comes to helping education, healthcare, public safety, the state of Oklahoma not only faces a fiscal or financial crisis but we face a dire leadership crisis,” House Minority Leader, Scott Inman added.