Moore Students Remove Make-Up For 'Project Beautiful'

Thursday, February 23rd 2017, 7:18 pm
By: News 9

A freshman at Moore High School started a new campaign called “Project Beautiful”.

Hope Davis’s goal is to help teenage girls appreciate inner beauty, and help ladies understand they don’t need make-up to be pretty.

Hope set up a table at the cafeteria on Thursday. She brought make-up remover and mirrors, and encouraged her classmates to take off their make-up.

“The responses have been amazing. This whole project wouldn’t be possible without these amazing, beautiful students,” said Hope.

About 200 teenage girls participated and took their make-up off.

Eleventh grader Taylor Schambaugh joined the project. After removing her make-up, she said, “It’s just a cover-up of who you really are.” She knows that she does not need to wear make-up every day.

Hope said, “I feel like the society has put teenagers into a mold, and we feel like we have to be in that mold. Today is a day where we can break out of that mold and say, ‘I am myself and I am beautiful,’ and that is all that matters.”

She also encouraged students to wear sweatpants or a messy-bun, whatever they were comfortable in. Hope also provided markers and sticky notes for students to write positive messages.

Freshman Skylah Barnett said, “It’s kind of scary to think people are going to notice, but it feels good. I’m comfortable.”