REAL ID To Be Hotly Debated On State Floors Next Week

Friday, February 24th 2017, 6:58 am
By: News 9

The REAL ID Act is set to be a top issue next week with bills on the table in both the state House and the Senate.

The clock is ticking for lawmakers because if nothing is done this session, Oklahoma ID's will not be accepted at military bases, federal buildings, and commercial flights. But steps are being taken at the Capitol.

A Senate committee just passed one proposal and earlier a House committee passed its own version that would make our ID's compliant with federal law. The House minority, though, feels this issue should be taken care of later.

"I would like to think that while the REAL ID legislation is important,” House Minority Leader Scott Inman said, “nothing is more important than keeping rural hospitals open and keeping our school doors open for our children but they have not offered a solution for that in the first three weeks."

The deadline to be compliant to federal buildings is set for June but enforcement for boarding commercial flights won't begin until January 2018.