Authorities Release New Details In Wild Metro Chase

Thursday, March 9th 2017, 5:33 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) Troopers tell News 9 the suspect who led troopers and police on a high-speed chase, crashed through a fence, and took off running into a Yukon neighborhood is a 34-year-old man out of Texas.

OHP also confirms they did find a gun inside the stolen car.

Troopers say Remington Koehn, 34, of Texas did everything he could to try to evade capture. From scaling fences to running through a person's backyard pool and hopping over the hot tub, even jumping into the neighborhood lake. This all took place in the Stonebridge Lake Estates.

But it turns out this was the end of the road for Koehn, as police were able to corner him and cuff him before he could go anywhere else.

News 9 Pilot Jim Gardner caught up with Koehn as he was speeding down Oklahoma City Streets trying to get away. At one point, Koehn went the wrong way down the road, even crashing into a car near 23rd and Robinson.

As it turns out, the Cadillac's OnStar system is what kept authorities on track as to where Koehn was heading.

At one point Koehn tried to run and hide inside one of the houses at the Stonebridge neighborhood, but was unable to kick down the door before police caught up with him.

Police and medics managed to corral Koehn into a police cruiser while they tried to determine the state of his injuries and his state of mind.

Koehn was able to communicate with officers, but troopers say at first, he refused to give his real name.

Officers and medics did transport him to a nearby hospital for treatment but after that he will be booked into the Oklahoma County jail.