#FacesOfTheFire Highlights Those Who Have Contributed To Wildfire Effort

Friday, March 17th 2017, 5:54 am
By: Amy Kauffman

The Oklahoma Forestry Services says the fire complex in northwestern Oklahoma is now 83 percent contained and now people in the area are looking back on the day these fires started.

Crews have battled these fires for a week and a half and are still monitoring hot spots. Those who have been fighting the devastating wildfires are sharing their memories from the first day. Firefighters from several different states came to northwestern Oklahoma to assist firefighters.

At last check, the Starbuck fire, which is the largest fire of them all, has burned more than 662,000 acres in total, with over 460,000 acres in Kansas and nearly 200,000 in Oklahoma.

The fire got its name from the Slapout fire chief Charlie Starbuck, who was one of the few firefighters on scene.

Molly Green is an office manager from Tyree Ag and remembers watching the fire from her window.  

She says at first she wasn't worried until the fire started coming right towards the office. She was able to get out OK and now she's helping those who were affected. They are using Tyree Ag as a hay drop off and thousands of people are calling from all over Oklahoma and surrounding states are offering to help.

Amber Sanders has raised nearly $30,000 selling t-shirts she designed showcasing Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas standing together. Sanders is an Oklahoma State graduate who saw what the devastating wildfires were doing to families. So she started designing t-shirts and people are buying them from all across the U.S. and even Canada.

You can find her shirt designs here and here.