Bills Cracking Down On Child Sex Crime Unanimously Passed In OK House

Monday, March 20th 2017, 6:19 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

The State House of Representatives unanimously passed bills cracking down on child sex offenders, after the bill's author revealed he was molested as a child. 

For most of his life, Rep. Kevin McDugle kept a dark secret. He says he was molested by his youth pastor when he was just a teenager.

Last week, McDugle discussed what happened publicly for the first time. And that led to unanimous passage of two bills that would give victims more time to seek justice.

One bill allows victims to file civil suit against their abusers for a lifetime. Right now, they can only take action within two years of when the abuse became known. The other bill allows criminal charges to be filed up till the victim is 45-years-old.  Right now, charges can only be filed up to 12 years after the abuse occurred.

“Most victims don't even start processing this till age of 40. Myself, I'm almost 50 and it took me this long to even be able to tell a soul," said McDugle.

The bill also includes a provision where if it turns out an alleged victim lies about what happened, that person can face felony charges. The bill now heads to the senate.