Animal Welfare Groups Investigate Blanchard Property

Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 6:59 pm
By: Grant Hermes

McClain County authorities and animal rescue activists were investigating a property just outside Dibble on Tuesday after dozens of animals and hundreds of bones were discovered.

WARNING: the video and story might be considered graphic for some. 

“Between 10 or 15 puppies, maybe eight adult dogs, probably around 30 adult goats, maybe 20 baby goats, some mules [and] donkeys," said Amber McIntyre with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. 

More than 70 animals in all were discovered along with dozens of carcasses and hundreds of bones. News 9 was not let onto the property but images sent to News 9 showed animal bones left strewn across the property, including legs, skulls and vertebrae.

McIntyre said she saw of trash cans filled with hair, blood and bones, some with rotting meat left for dogs and goats to eat.

It's unclear how long it's been going on but at least one animal rescue group said it might be neglect, even if it's not intentional.

“Sometimes, people take in stray animals and it gets out of hand. This is a woman who was burglarized a few months ago someone took a lot of fencing and some things the animals needed and she's actually overwhelmed,” McIntrye said.

At first, there were worries the property may be an illegal puppy mill -- operations that breed dogs in dangerous and diseased conditions. 

“It definitely does not look like a puppy mill,” McIntyre said. “It looks like someone who had gotten a little overwhelmed with this situation and we are more than welcome to help them get that taken care of.”

Several dogs were removed from the property to get care and the woman on the property is cooperating.

McClain County sheriff’s deputies on the scene did not state whether any laws were broken.

They did, however, confirm the woman on the property said she got the bones from a local butcher. If true, it might be a violation of state health laws.