American Ex-Pat Shares Experience Of London Attack

Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 7:38 am
By: Amy Avery

Following the deadly attacks on British Parliament we are learning more about how the events unfolded. Police believe the attacker acted alone when he killed several people on a bridge before driving into British Parliament.

Stephanie Shields, who is originally from the United States but is living in the United Kingdom, says the mood was somber following the attacks.

“Something like what happened yesterday makes people more aware, sort of on edge of their surroundings,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie Shields lives in London with her husband, Ben, who says this act of terror is incredibly shocking.

“It’s quite surprising because it’s a bridge that people go over every day,” says Ben. “I take my family over that bridge, I run over that bridge, so it was quite shocking. And with Parliament, those are very important parts in our culture and our history and our everyday lives.”

Video, captured by a tourist, shows some of the injured lying along the popular Westminster Bridge after, authorities say, the suspect intentionally ran them over with a car.

They say the man then slammed the vehicle into the gates of Parliament, before getting out of the car and stabbing a police officer to death. He is one of four people dead from the attack. Locals say it's hard to believe something like this could happen there.

Both Ben and Stephanie Shields says he learned about the attacks through British News.

“You hear about things like this happening around the world but I was just shocked that something like this would happen in your own country,” says Ben.

People all across the world are standing together with England in the wake of these deadly attacks.

Officials are investigating whether ISIS was involved or not. And at this time, they are still treating it as an act of terror. Travelers are being advised to avoid the Parliament area as the investigation unfolds.