Edmond Woman Injured During Encounter With Two Dogs

Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 10:00 pm
By: News 9

An elderly Edmond woman said a couple of good Samaritans likely saved her from serious injury or worse Monday morning in the Chimney Hill neighborhood.  

Wanda Perkins was on her morning walk, when two dogs — animal welfare says were boxer mixes — confronted Perkins on a sidewalk in front of the dog owner’s home.

The dogs had gotten loose.  

Perkins said she was carrying a 22-caliber five shot handgun in her front pocket — just like she always does when she’s out on her walks, but when she reached to grab it — in her haste — she fell backwards into the street.  

That blow caused a gash in the back of her head, drawing a lot of blood.

Neighbor JC Hopkins was driving nearby and he said the two dogs were up to no good.

“They were both in attack mode. They were both viciously barking and trying to get at her and bite her,” he said.  

Hopkins, and another neighbor, Bill Held, who was passing by on his bike were able to kick the dogs away, long enough to get Perkins into the cab of Hopkins’ pickup. Held then dove into the back of Hopkins’ pickup for safety.  

One of the dogs became so agitated, Edmond police had to use a Taser on it, when police arrived.  

“It’s pretty scary,” Perkins said late Tuesday afternoon.  

Animal welfare is now holding both dogs.

The dogs’ owner has signed over custody of one of the dogs, and he won’t be eligible to apply to get the other dog back, until he fixes his backyard fence and pays heavy fines.