Video Reveals Disturbing Abuse Of Child By 'Witch' Grandmother

Friday, April 14th 2017, 5:35 pm
By: News 9

The cell phone video was shown to the judge during Thursday's sentencing of Geneva Robinson and Joshua Granger.

Both pleaded guilty to multiple counts of child abuse back in February. 

The video shows Robinson dressed in what appeared to be a witch's costume. She is seen dragging one of her grandchildren across the room while the other grandchildren watch and cry in horror.

You also see Granger in the background assisting in the abuse. The chaotic scene became a crucial piece of evidence in court.

Court documents reveal the children called their grandmother "Witch Nelda" when she would dress up like this and begin to torture their 7-year-old sibling, in order to keep the rest of them in line.

This is an excerpt of some of which was said on the recording:

Robinson: You lie, lie, lie!

Child: I promise witch, I won't do mean to grandma. I won't hit grandma. I won't be mean.

Robinson: I want your face.

Child: I promise I won't hit grandma.

Robinson: Give me a fork and a knife.

This disturbing abuse all took place inside this home on SE 46th St.

Court documents filed in December 2014 revealed that inside the garage of the home, police found even more evidence of abuse - including dog leashes the couple would use to hang the child and torture her. They also found a horse whip, a dagger, a witch hat, black wig, and a hooded cloak costume with red eyes.

That's when the proof of what this poor child had been through was revealed.

The lead Oklahoma County prosecutor on this case was Merydith Easter. She tells News 9 that child even wrote her grandmother a letter that was read in court during the sentencing saying she forgives her and that she was the best grandmother she ever had.