Kidnapping Victims, Guns, Stolen Property Found Inside SE OKC Home

Sunday, April 16th 2017, 2:22 pm
By: News 9

Police are investigating a home in southeast Oklahoma City, where dozens of guns, two kidnapping victims and stolen property were found Sunday morning.

Police received an anonymous tip just before 11 a.m., telling them there would be a shootout at the house on the corner of SE 22 Street and McClure Street. No shots were ever fired, but they made another big discovery.

Customers were lined up at the car repair business operating at the home when police responded. Officers quickly noticed a variety of guns on the property, and neighbor Michael Duishka watched as they surrounded the house and two connected buildings.

Duishka described an officer’s position behind a tree.

“He was pointing at the house like somebody was going to come out of it that was bad or something,” Duishka said.

Detectives told News 9 they soon heard people calling for help. They discovered a man and a woman locked in an underground cellar in the garage, calling it a World War II-looking shelter with a metal sheet on top, held down with a piece of wood wedged into the ceiling.

Duishka watched police bring the victims out.

“I saw two that were either injured or sick or something that had to go to the ambulance. Cops dragged them out and helped them out there,” he said.

The homeowner told detectives he suspected the victims had stolen something from him, and decided to keep them in the cellar until he got it back. They had been there since Friday.

Including the victims, police spoke with 11 people who were at the house when they arrived. Detectives have not said how many people will be charged with a crime.

A search inside revealed more than 30 guns and some stolen goods, but no evidence of drugs.

“It’s scary, but every neighborhood is scary. There’s a lot happening in this neighborhood,” said Duishka.

News 9 is still waiting to learn more about the people involved in the kidnapping.