New OKC Business Aims To Improve Athletes' Mental Toughness

Thursday, April 20th 2017, 4:19 pm
By: Karl Torp

A new business focusing on the mental side of sports has started in the metro.

“Boost” says its goal is to keep young athletes in the moment and focused when times get tough during competition.

“Athletes need help with their mental toughness,” said Boost creator, Dr. Seth Hickerson

The company pairs players with performance coaches for one and one sessions to improve things like leadership and self-esteem.

Many of Boost’s coaches are former collegiate and professional athletes.

“I struggle with managing my emotions on and off the court,” said 16-year-old Kennedy Roark, who plays volleyball for Oklahoma Peak, a premier club team.

Roark has been working with a performance coach who lives in Texas. The two talk over the phone regularly.

This year, Roark’s entire Oklahoma Peak team is working to with Boost. Players now wear wrist bands with “BAMO” on them. It reminds them to “breathe and move on” while on the court.

“So really teaching these kids how to manage stress, recognize stress and put something in place that they can fix it in game,” said Hickerson.

Player strengths and weaknesses are identified though a free survey found on Boost’s website. Boost athletes also have access to free sports medicine consultations.

The company targets athletes from all sports from the 6th to 12 grade.

Learn more about Boost.