Why Executions Are On Hold In Oklahoma

Tuesday, April 25th 2017, 11:33 am
By: Grant Hermes

The scheduled executions of Oklahoma’s some 50 Death Row inmates have been on hold for close to two years now, after the bungled near-execution of Richard Glossip in September 2015.

Glossip, who has been on and off the execution table three times, was supposed to be put to death by lethal injection, but the execution was abruptly halted after it was discovered the wrong drug had been sent to the state Department of Corrections (DOC).

It was later discovered that incorrect drug was used to kill another inmate, Charles Warner, whose final words were, “my body is on fire.”

Gov. Mary Fallin halted the execution of Glossip after learning of the mix-up and former Attorney General Scott Pruitt later placed an indefinite moratorium on executions, pending a review.

That review showed gross incompetence at the DOC and forced the resignation of former DOC director Robert Patton and Fallin’s legal counsel, Steve Mullins. Mullins allegedly knew about the Warner execution and urged Fallin not to halt Glossip’s to cover it up.

Officials at both the AG’s office and DOC said they’re still waiting on a new protocol to be developed before restarting executions.