Red Dirt Diaries: Slime Sells

Friday, April 28th 2017, 2:34 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Yukon 12-year-old’s unique business is expanding after getting its start at his school.

Von Paul McWaters sells slime. His homemade creations come in different colors and consistencies.

The 6th grader adds what he calls “embellishments” to the putty-like product. Glitter, rubber bands, buttons and scents can all be used to create custom slime.

“It’s really easy once you get the recipe down, but at the beginning, it’s really hard,” said McWaters, who now has his own YouTube channel.

“They call him the Slimemaster,” said Von Paul’s mom, Karan McWaters.

Von Paul started making slime two years ago and started bringing batches to school.

“I make about $20 a week, or $40,” said McWaters, who told News 9's Karl Torp that classmates saw him playing with the slime and soon started offering cash to have some of their own.

“He was putting in a $1.50 into each slime. That’s containers, the glue, everything and he's selling it for $4,$5,$6. That's a pretty good profit,” said Karan McWaters.

The "Slimemaster" has an Etsy shop and Instagram account where customers can place orders. He just got his first check from a local consignment store this week.

Another benefit to Von Paul has been that his confidence has grown. This year, the 12-year-old started at a new school. He credits his slime for helping him make new friends.

“I think I’ve made friends a lot faster than if I went there with nothing,” said McWaters.

Click here to visit Von Paul’s YouTube channel

Click here to shop Von Paul's Etsy page 

McWaters is also selling his slime at the Main Street Martketplace in Yukon.