Police Locate Family Member Of Edmond Pedestrian Struck By Car

Friday, April 28th 2017, 3:26 pm
By: News 9

Edmond Police are waiting to identify a woman who was hit by a car Thursday night, and is currently in critical condition in an Oklahoma City hospital.

Police said the car hit her while she was walking along the street near the intersection of 2nd and Bryant in Edmond.

Police said the woman did not have a phone or driver’s license on her, but they did find a library card in one of her pockets. Police used that to locate an account with a name, and reached out to the account holder’s mother who lives out of state.

That mother, who lives in New Mexico, is now making the trip here to Oklahoma to see if the woman in the hospital is indeed her daughter.

The traffic along 2nd and Bryant where the accident occurred is always busy. But at night, it's even harder to see things along the road.

And that was the case Thursday night when this tragic accident occurred.

“It was dark,” said Jenny Wagnon, who is a spokesperson for the Edmond Police Department. “She was wearing dark clothing, it had been raining on and off. It was just an unusual spot for someone to be walking.”

Police said the woman who was hit is believed to live in an apartment complex nearby, but they don't understand why she wasn't walking along the sidewalks or curb.

“Witnesses tell us she was walking in the street, that she was walking southbound on Bryant,” said Wagnon. “One vehicle saw her and honked, and was able to go by her - and that second vehicle behind hit her.”

Police said at this point, there have been no tickets issued for the driver, who they say did stop and was cooperative with officers.

But now, the focus is on getting the woman's family to the hospital, since at this point she is sedated and intubated and unable to speak. Police said at last check the woman remains in critical condition.