Foster Daycare Denied At Mitch Park In Edmond

Monday, May 1st 2017, 5:06 pm
By: Karl Torp

Edmond City Council has denied a request to lease park land for a facility that would provide care to foster children.

Since 2011, Angels Foster Family Network has found homes for more than 900 children.

Executive Director Jennifer Abney thinks that number would be higher if it weren’t for a major roadblock.

She says more and more foster families include two parents who both work during the day.

“If you can’t find daycare for children at the last minute, you are going to turn that child away,” said Abney.

Her solution is a 15,000 square foot child development center.

“It is not being done anywhere,” added Abney.

She said finding daycare space often means the child is taken across the city or county to a facility with space available.

Angel’s facility and the Mitch Park YMCA would have been partners in providing care and programs.

About $3 million has already been raised for the project.

Edmond City Council said they loved the idea of such a facility, but not at its planned location.

“We have limited park space in Edmond,” said Edmond City Council member Darrell Davis.

“We would be opening the doors with requests for our park space,” said Edmond City Council member Elizabeth Waner.

Edmond City Council denied Angels Foster Family Network’s request to lease the park land. The vote was 4-1.

Abney is now looking for land that could be donated. She said she’s determined to see the project become a reality.

“If you have to raise the money for the land, it would just take a little bit longer and I know these families have already been waiting for two years,” said Abney.