Oklahoma UPS Driver Reaches Career Milestone

Thursday, May 4th 2017, 8:28 pm
By: News 9

A man in Tishomingo has accomplished a lot behind the wheel of a UPS truck.

Craig Johnston is 62 years old, and has been driving a delivery truck for over 40 years.

“I’m a delivery boy,” said Craig with a smile.

It’s not an easy job. Packages shipped through UPS can be up to 150 pounds. Regardless, Craig said he really enjoys his job.

“I like seeing the customers. They’re my friends. They’re my business acquaintances, but they’re also my friends too.”

His positive outlook is what keeps him going after four decades with UPS.

Craig also hit another career milestone. He’s driven over two million miles. To put it in perspective, that’s four trips to the moon and back.

“Really? That’s quite a ways,” he said shocked.

He has certainly experienced a lot on the road.

“In 40 years, I’ve seen just about anything,” said Craig.

He even survived an EF-3 tornado in his delivery truck. He said the tornado lifted his truck up several times. It even blew out the windows of his unit. Craig was strapped into the driver’s seat and he said to this day, he has shards of glass stuck on his body.

Even through the wildest storm, this long-time driver is accident-free. He is ranked as one of the top three safest UPS drivers in Oklahoma.

News 9 asked Craig what drives him every day to do his job. He said, “I enjoy getting up and having a purpose.”