Amber Family Claims They Found Prescription Painkiller In Bag of Candy

Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 12:12 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Amber mother claims her daughter found a hydrocodone pill in a bag of Skittles candy.

Latrisha Callahan says her 9-year old purchased the bag at the Williams Convenience store in Amber on Sunday.

Callahan says while digging through the bite sized pieces of candy, her daughter discovered a white pill.

“She’s like ‘Skittles aren’t white, and they aren’t shaped like this,’” Callahan describes her daughter saying after the pill was found.

Amber police confirm it was a 7.5 milligram hydrocodone pill.

“I didn’t know what to think. I was thankful it was her and not my 4-year-old, because he would have just popped it in his mouth,” says Callahan.

Callahan shared the pictures of the pill on Facebook as a warning to other parents.

“I just want to get it out there so parents know that just because the bag is sealed it doesn’t mean it’s safe,” adds Callahan.

Beside contacting police, the Amber mother called the Wrigley company which makes Skittles. It asked her to send back the bag and the remaining pieces.

“Consumer safety is our top priority. We are working with the consumer and local authorities to find out more about this claim.”

-Michelle Green

U.S. Marketing Communications Manager