Perry Teacher's Aide Accused Of Molesting Children To Stand Trial

Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 8:45 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Back in court Tuesday was a man accused of molesting children.

Arnold Cowen, 86, a former elementary school teacher's aide in Perry, sat and listened as investigators outlined how they found enough evidence to charge Cowen with 21 counts of child molestation. He is accused of groping young students. 

One investigator said Cowen confessed to him and described how Cowen would "help" students in math class. Cowen would sit down next to them and appear to be working, but instead he would rub their stomachs or grab their breasts.

Talking about the alleged actions, the investigator said Cowen told him "you would lock me up and throw away the key." 

At one point, the courtroom was cleared as attorneys and the judge viewed hundreds of photos of child pornography allegedly discovered on Cowen's computer. In a bizarre moment, Cowen tried to move in front of a large screen that was facing away from him, seemingly to try and view the images alongside the court. 

His defense, however, made the case that Perry police violated Cowen's rights. The defense said officers interrogated Cowen without reading him his rights, taped a private conversation between Cowen and his pastor and searched a computer while using an expired warrant; all of which are against the law.

After the hearing that lasted nearly eight hours, another charge against Cowen for possession of child porn was upgraded to aggravated possession of child porn. That charge, according to the Noble County prosecutor, carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Cowen is expected in court to begin his trial on June 22.