DOC Investigating Disturbing Video From State Prison

Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 10:40 pm
By: News 9

A hidden camera video exposes possible corruption behind the walls of a state prison.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections announced Tuesday that it launched an investigation into the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center (LARC).

On May 9th, the ODOC was made aware of a video posted online that was recorded inside the facility.

"This type of behavior and expression of opinion is unacceptable and will not be tolerated," said ODOC Director Joe Allbaugh.

A hidden camera, allegedly captured by a former employee, was apparently edited and posted in three separate clips to a YouTube account.

"There ain't no pass... we are kinda going to backdoor some s*** today," an unnamed corrections officer can be heard saying in a daily briefing.

The recording appears to be a collection from several days at the prison.

"I ain't got nothing other than we are short as f***... so, get down on them units and get the s*** out the windows, get these motherf***ers up and get them clean," an unnamed corrections officer directed staff.

The DOC states the former employee who recorded the meetings resigned from the ODOC in December 2016. The video was not posted until April 2017.

"Hey, before everybody leaves we need to be doing our security checks. That guy had been dead for a minute.," an unnamed officer said, "that motherf***er was already stiff or getting stiff."

Director Joe Allbaugh says the LARC employees were unaware of the recording and used unprofessional and crude language. Some of the comments prompted an internal investigation although no specifics were given in the statement issued Tuesday.

The DOC did announce a LARC supervisor was suspended pending the investigation.

It's unclear if it is the same person heard in the video saying, "There's only like 40 child molesters in there... just lock the Godd*** doors and f*** them, let them die," an unnamed officer said. "But don’t let them be dead more than 30 minutes or we are going to be in f***ing trouble."

The corrections staff could be heard laughing in response.

DOC Director Joe M. Allbaugh released the following statement:

On May 9, 2017 management at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) was made aware of a video posted online that was recorded at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center (LARC). The video was recorded by a hidden camera and posted to the YouTube page of a former employee. Our records show that the former employee resigned from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in December of 2016 and the video was posted in April of 2017. While much of the language on video was unprofessional, and crude by employees who were unaware they were being videotaped, there were comments on the videos that prompted an internal investigation by the ODOC.

I want to be very clear, this type of behavior and expression of opinion is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. After watching the video a LARC supervisor has been suspended pending further investigation. The ongoing investigation at LARC surrounding this incident will be organized through our Office of Inspector General. I have visited most of our facilities throughout the state and I can say that what was captured on this video does not reflect the many hardworking, and respectful employees at the department.