El Reno Women Assaulted, Tied Up In Burning Home, Suspect Arrested

Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 1:58 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

An El Reno man is accused of assaulting two women, tying them up, and then lighting the house on fire. Fortunately, the victims were able to free themselves and escape.

El Reno officers were called to the victim's home on West Wade Street around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning after one of the women called 911.

“He had us tied up in the back room and gagged us and then he set the house on fire. We barely got out,” the woman told the dispatcher.

The victim said their attacker's name was Antwoin and described the harrowing ordeal:

“He had a knife to our throat, he tied us up, he raped me and then he ties us back up again.”

Police said before the suspect lit the house on fire he made the mistake of leaving the knife behind.

“One of them picked up the knife and was able to cut through the restrains,” said Lt. Van Gillock with the El Reno Police Department.

Paula Baeriswy lives across the street and shot video as investigators searched the neighborhood for the suspect. She said it was obvious something terrible happened to her neighbor.

“She was visibly shaking, you could see how bad she was shaking and then the other one got out and you could see she had something tied around her neck,” she explained. “When you pulled that off you could see that it had blood on it.”

Police were able to track down 37-year-old Antwoin Walker. Authorities said they've had problems with him in the past. In Oklahoma City in 2010 Walker was arrested after detectives said he tied a rope around the neck of a 51-year-old woman and raped her. Walker had a jury trial and was acquitted of the charges. 

Walker was booked into the El Reno County Jail on charges of arson, burglary, assault and kidnapping.