OBU Student Goes From Homeless To College Graduate

Wednesday, May 24th 2017, 5:57 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

From homeless and living in a car to now a college graduate.  We've been following Peggy Mosley's journey for four years now. Peggy graduated on Friday with a Bachelor's of arts degree from Oklahoma Baptist University.

“I was so excited I had done it,” said on Wednesday. “I’ve finally done it. I achieved something that growing up I never thought I would achieve.”

At 17 and a high school Sophomore, Mosley was living in a car in a Walmart parking lot.

“I was like what’s going to happen the next day? Where am I going to sleep? What am I going to eat?”

We first met her when she was in high school.  College was in her plans but her financial situation would present it's challenges.

“I couldn’t even afford a $25 application fee.”

She chose OBU because it didn't have the application fee and her church paid the $150 dollar enrollment guarantee.  Then through jobs on and off campus, scholarships, and student loans she was able to pay her way through school.

But there were plenty of bumps along the way.  Peggy says determination to never end up back in that parking lot and prayer got her through.

“With him I knew that I could do it,” she said. “I could achieve this.”

Peggy is the first one in her family to even go to college. Now that she's graduated she has this advice to those who are still struggling:

“I want them to know to not give up on themselves.”

Peggy will be working at a camp this summer and then this fall will start looking for a full time job.