WIll Rogers World Airport Warns Of Pet Shipping Scam

Thursday, May 25th 2017, 6:33 pm
By: Karl Torp

An online scam has Will Rogers Airport delivering bad news.

Airport Spokeswoman Karen Carney says people think they are buying a pet online and pay to have the animal shipped to Will Rogers, only to learn there was no animal at all.

“We have people calling that say ‘my pet is at your airport where is it?’” says Carney, who says she knows of three victims just in the past week.

Carney says one of the recent victims used the website www.usbestpetflyers.com and used Western Union to pay the company.

News 9 called the number on the website and asked about the victim in OKC.

The person who answered the phone at www.usbestpetflyers.com used expletives before hanging up.

The Better Business Bureau says it’s hard for the authorities to keep track of these bogus companies because they’ll remove the website and put up a similar one.

The BBB says having to wire money for the transaction is a big clue that the company isn’t legit.

Carney says there several reputable companies that do provide this service.