Man Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Set Fire To OKC Apartment Building

Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 6:14 pm
By: News 9

Residents at a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex are on edge after one of their neighbors is accused of setting a fire to one of the buildings. 

Police aren't sure what prompted Antonio Fuller, the man accused of arson, to start a fire at an apartment complex near NW 10th St. and N. Rockwell Ave. the morning of June 5.

Officers arrived around 2 a.m. to find Fuller walking away from a fire that was burning on a sidewalk outside one of the apartment buildings. According to the police report, Fuller was carrying a red gas can and large piece of cardboard. OKC Firefighters arrived shortly after to extinguish the fire.

One of the residents, Nathanial Sadler, was sound asleep when fire truck sirens woke him.

“My wife, she looked out the window and seen the fire trucks,” said Sadler. “Then we both got up and came out here.”

That is when Sadler noticed the fire was set one window down from where he sleeps. He is thankful the fire did not spread while everyone was asleep.

When shown a picture of Fuller’s mug shot, Sadler said he recognized him as a neighbor who lives in the same building and said he was usually friendly.

“He might have been on drugs or something. I don’t know,” said Sadler

The police report also states that while Fuller was being transported to the Oklahoma County Jail, he kicked the officer's back window and pulled on the door handles in an attempt to escape the vehicle.