Police Believe Crescent Rape Suspect Victimized Other Teens In Oklahoma

Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 6:15 pm
By: News 9

In the quiet community of Crescent, there is relief after an arrest in a rape investigation. 

"This has been a pretty long and stressful case for us because we usually don't get things like this. But we are really happy that this is the result of it," Crescent Police Chief Chase Biggs said.

Chief Biggs said it started back in October, when the victim had reportedly run away. 

"She disappeared in the middle of the night. We did our missing persons report and entered her into the national database and Texas ended up finding her," Chief Biggs told News 9.

Chief Biggs said when they found the 15-year-old, she was with 23-year-old Mario Guerra-Hernandez and seven months pregnant. 

She was eventually put in protective custody. And after further investigation, Chief Biggs said a warrant was issued for second degree rape and Guerra-Hernandez was picked up by Texas Rangers. He was booked into the Williamson County Jail on June 2.

The suspect is awaiting extradition and expected to be booked at the Logan County Jail within about a week of this report. 

Chief Biggs said this wasn't the first underage girl Guerra-Hernandez contacted. He said the suspect used social media to reach other teens. 

"He's just a straight up sexual predator -- is all he is. He is preying on these young girls, telling them that he loves them, that he is going to marry them, that they're going to have a life together and then they get pregnant. And then he finds another young girl that's not pregnant and says the exact same things to them," Chief Biggs said. 

Now, police are asking for anyone with information about Guerra-Hernandez for help in holding him accountable. 

"I really hope that if there are any other victims out there, that they'll come forward, that they'll talk to their parents, that they'll do whatever we need to get done here in order to get him prosecuted for those other crimes. Because if he's not, and he just gets out on the street again, he's going to continue this pattern," Chief Biggs said. 

Police believe there could be more victims in Oklahoma and Texas. 

Anyone with information can contact Crescent Police or the OSBI.