Education Leaders Make Claim To MAPS Tax

Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 6:55 pm
By: Karl Torp

Next week Oklahoma City City Council will decide how extending the MAPS penny sales tax will be presented to voters.

Today, Education leaders came to the city with a plea to put schools on the ballot for the special election.

“We can decrease class sizes, increase teacher pay for the next 29 months,” says OCPS School Board Chair Paula Lewis about the temporary tax extension.

The Mayor's plan includes providing funding for streets and public safety.  Police officers and firefighters would be hired with a permanent quarter-cent tax.

SoonerPoll’s Bill Shapard also spoke to the City Council.

Last month, Councilman Ed Shadid commissioned Shapard to ask likely voters in September’s election to prioritize education.

Councilman Shadid believes less money should be spent on road improvements and more on public safety and schools.

“Not only was it popular, but they thought the largest percentage on the MAPS tax should be spent on education,” says Shapard about the 440 people polled.

On June 20th, OKC City Council will decide what parts of the penny sales tax will appear on the ballot.