Burglar Targets OKC Businesses Along NW 23rd

Thursday, June 15th 2017, 6:53 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Oklahoma City police are looking for a burglar who targeted at least three businesses in one night, using large rocks to break windows and gain access.

The thief got away with some money, but he also robbed workers of their sense of security. 

Security video shows the suspect's face is covered with a bandana, but police hope someone will recognize him. Officers say he used large rocks or chunks of concrete to break out three windows of restaurants along Northwest 23rd St. earlier this month and helped himself to what was inside. 

"Each of them reported that the front door had been broken in some way,” says Officer Megan Morgan with the OKC Police Department. “It looks like the burglar actually made entrance through those front doors."

The burglar hit the Taj Cuisine of India Buffet where he stole a cash register, authorities say. He then moved a few blocks down the road and broke into Big Truck Tacos, but didn't steal anything. Finally, he broke into The Thai House Restaurant, making off with the cash register and some money for charity, according to police reports.

"Makes us a little angry but mostly it just really made the day really stressful for us because we do work hard here day in and day out and someone just come in and wipe us out," Thai House Restaurant Manager Benjawan Sukmanee says.

Workers are surprised. They say things like this just don't happen in this neighborhood.

"Honestly I didn't think that this kind of stuff would happen, especially considering, you know, how busy this street has been." Sukmanee says.

The broken window is repaired, but the nerves of employees remain shattered. 

"It's a little scary.” says Sukmanee. “I mean it definitely makes me be a little more cautious about the neighborhood."