911 Caller Helps End The Lincoln Co. Manhunt

Thursday, June 15th 2017, 8:15 pm
By: Grant Hermes

A quick-thinking caller helped end a four-day manhunt.

A woman spotted 24-year-old Brian Moody who had eluded authorities since escaping the Lincoln County Jail early Monday morning. 

“I just saw him and I was driving past, and I thought, I better call y’all 'cause [sic] I knew he was in our area. He had the shirt over his shoulder and he ducked into the trees when he saw me coming,” said the woman.

Moody was on the run with three others, including 31-year-old Jeremy Irvin who was accused of murder. The other three were already in custody. Moody and the others escaped through the jail air ducts for the second time.

When he was spotted Thursday, he tried to escape one more time, but it didn't work. Search crews knew right where to look.

Moody's sister Tina Johnson didn't want to go on camera, but said over Facebook she and her family are grateful he's in custody, and hope he and his other sister Angela change their ways.

"He is a great guy,” she said. "Just he make [sic] bad choices our family loves him and [A]ngela but the stuff they do makes us mad... to them we are the bad [people] maybe just maybe they will stop and grown up."

It's unclear what charges could be brought against the now captured foursome, but they could each be facing seven years in prison for their escape. They are set to appear appear in court around 10:30 Friday morning.