OHP Video Shows Final Moments Of Hunt For Inmates

Friday, June 16th 2017, 8:45 pm
By: Grant Hermes

New images from a manhunt that gripped central Oklahoma for four straight days were released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Friday. The video was taken from the patrol’s helicopter catching the final moments of the escaped inmates run from the law.  

All four men are now in custody, but the three captured on camera were Trey Goodnight, 27, Sonny Baker, 41, and accused killer Jeremy Irvin, 31. It’s unclear on the video which man is which, although the footage does cut to a black screen several times, indicating a possible switch of suspect or a redacted piece of the man hunt.

Video like the one released by OHP on Friday are seldom available in this way. Normally, they’re heavily redacted to avoid revealing tactics used by search crews and other law enforcement officers.

“Don't see any weapons, again no shirt, blue shorts,” a trooper manning the camera in the chopper can be heard saying.

The video is of one of the suspects walking through the shallows of a river as he attempts to flee.

“He's working his way down the river bank on the south side of the river.”

Troopers were able to get in close enough to see the color of the man's shorts. At one point, they began giving orders over a speaker to let their suspect know there was nowhere to hide.

“State troopers come to a stop we see you in the blue shorts,” the pilot commanded.

Troopers watched as one of the suspects scaled the river bank. Trying to flee into the woods to throw off the troopers. But it doesn't work. The pilot eventually switched to an infrared image which allowed the man to be easily spotted among the trees. In the end, he was found by authorities, laying in the fetal position he was surrounded by armed officers and surrendered.

After the fourth escapee, Brian Moody, 24, was caught on Thursday the Lincoln County Sheriff offered his thanks to the law enforcement officers from across the state who helped put the fugitives back behind bars.

“I want to thank everybody the highway patrol, the task force, U.S. Marshalls, everybody that's been involved in this nightmare. It's over,” Sheriff Charles Dougherty said.