Customer Information Found Piled Outside Closed Metro Gun Store

Monday, June 19th 2017, 2:29 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A metro gun shop has closed but left behind a lot of their records, including information about their customers. Now those records are sitting out in the open, unsecured.

According to the ATF, Outdoor America went out of business a couple years ago after the owner died. Piled up in front of a shed next to the abandoned business are thousands and thousands of financial records.  

Most of those records are receipts with customers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. Some had driver’s license numbers and checking account information. News 9 found customers’ information from as far back as the 80’s.

“There’s an absolute chance my stuff’s in there,” said John Gatlin.

Gatlin bought several guns from the store. He discovered the documents after he noticed some homeless people walking back behind the building. He said at that time he also found a binder that contained information used for background checks.

“That was the actual form you fill out to get a firearm,” he said. “It has everybody’s personal information, where they live, the gun they purchased, social security number. Everything.”

An agent with the ATF says after the store closed, the trustees turned over 379 boxes of 4473 forms.

Those forms have information about the gun owner, guns they own and allows the ATF to trace firearms. If there are any more of those forms in the pile they are property of the ATF.

Either way, Gatlin says he's concerned about what information is now available for anyone to see.

“I’ve got guns, people now know my address, my phone number, my social security number and when I’m not home they could come break into my house,” said Gatlin.

After we contacted the ATF, agents said they are planning on coming out and going through that pile to see if there are any documents they should have.