Man Arrested In Hit-And-Run Of Animal Rescue Worker In Prague

Monday, June 26th 2017, 4:49 pm
By: News 9

Ryan Jones, 32, is in the Lincoln County Jail after allegedly running over an animal rescue worker in Prague.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office interviewed him on Monday. He's being held on a $25,000 bond.

Kim Bowers is the president and founder of OK Save A Dog, a non-profit no-kill shelter that rescues about 600 animals per year.  Bowers runs the organization out of her own home with the help of volunteers.

“Sunshine and I were in here watering and cleaning and I saw him pull in the driveway,” said Bowers. She said the driver was Ryan Jones. “I said ‘uh oh’.”

Jones was emailing with Bowers the day before, trying to get her to take his mother’s dogs. On Sunday Bowers said Jones tried to illegally dump his dogs on her property instead of following the procedures.

As soon as Bowers saw his vehicle, she went to get her phone to call 911.

She said her volunteer, Sunshine Bush, tried to help the dogs.

“He just kicked the dogs out and they were under his car and she was afraid he was going to run them over,” said Bowers.

Jones tried to drive away and in the process ran over Sunshine’s ankle with his car, breaking it, according to Bowers. Sunshine somehow got tangled up in the vehicle and had the option of either going over or under the car.

She went over, but instead of stopping the car, Jones sped off on the dusty road and kept going faster.

About a mile down the road, Bowers said Jones hit a dead end and slammed on his breaks. Sunshine went flying off the car. She woke up with two broken wrists.

“She is at the hospital in Tulsa. She will have surgery on both her wrists today and I don’t know about the ankle,” said Bowers.

Despite the incident, Bowers and her volunteers are working to find the two dogs a new home.