Robbery Suspect Gives Victim His Name And Phone Number

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 7:55 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

An Oklahoma City woman is robbed after using the “Let Go” app to buy an iPad, but finding the robber shouldn’t be hard.

Eighteen-year-old Emma Mangum was just trying to make a quick buck. "I saw this ad and it was for an iPad and it was $400 and I thought, man, this is a good deal I could sell this for a thousand bucks."

So Emma reached out to the seller on the "Let Go" app and they agreed to meet at  Will Rogers Courts Housing Projects. 

"We got there and immediately it was like, oh this doesn't look like a good area," said Kristen Mangum, Emma’s mother.

"I had my purse just on my shoulder and he grabbed me to push me away and then he snatched my purse and started running," Emma said.

The thief got away with the purse and about $500 in cash, but he used his real picture on his profile; texted her with his real phone; and used his real name. 

We were able to find him on Facebook. We're not identifying him because he hasn't been arrested, at least not yet. He did post a video where he’s in a car with friends, they're smoking something and there's a baby in the back seat. At one point, he passes what they’re smoking to a guy in the back seat who takes it, then lifts his shirt revealing a gun in his waistband.   

I called him. 

"Did you rip a girl off? Did you take her purse?” I asked. “No sir.” He replies, “Who is this?”

“I told you this is Aaron with Channel 9 news,” I told him. 

“You got the wrong number,” he said.

Police say with all this info, picking up the robber should be easy. 

"In this case at least there's goods suspect information that's been provided to us by the victim." Said Sgt. Gary Knight of the OKC Police Dept. Police say anytime you want to buy or sell an item on-line, you can do it at your local police department.

Kristen Mangum added, "It's just, it's so crazy. He's so stupid."