Full Domestic Violence Investigation Points To Different Aggressor, Police Say

Saturday, July 1st 2017, 11:03 pm
By: News 9

An investigation involving two married Oklahoma City police officers is completed, a police spokesman said Saturday. 

Sgt. Donald Brewer, 44, was arrested late Friday night. He’s been part of the department for 18 years. 

This case has taken a 180-degree turn since the incident happened on June 6. 

Initially, police arrested Kristi Cox, or Kristi Brewer, on the night of the incident. She is an officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department. Cox was placed on administrative leave and taken into custody after her husband, Donald Brewer, called 911. He reported an argument turning physical. At one point, police say Cox hit Brewer over the head with a curling iron. 

Cox was set to face charges of domestic abuse assault and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Her charges have been dropped.

The full investigation found Brewer as the aggressor in the case. Almost a month later, he is now charged with domestic abuse by strangulation. The charge was accepted by the district attorney’s office against Brewer. 

Criminologist Howard A. Kurtz said domestic violence rates in police officer families are extremely high. Studies show 40 percent of law enforcement families experience it. Kurtz believes a big reason is because of the stress of the job.

“Every time they walk out the door, they have to think that it might be the last time they go to work,” said Kurtz.

In this particular case, it involves two officers, husband and wife, in one home, making for a situation where the stress is doubled. 

He thinks many incidents go unreported or are swept under the rug due to the fear of ruining an officer’s career. Kurtz applauds the Oklahoma City Police Department for completing a full investigation for the safety of the citizens.

Kurtz said being an officer is also a career where use of force is part of the training. It becomes dangerous if that training is brought into their lives at home.

“If he is unable to handle  his personal relationships without becoming overly aggressive or violent, he probably needs to put his gun down for a while,” Kurtz said.