Wall Of Remembrance Pays Tribute To Fallen Heroes

Tuesday, July 4th 2017, 7:02 pm
By: News 9

A traveling memorial is in Oklahoma for the first time to honor fallen soldiers since 1983.

About 11,000 names are printed on the wall with the names of fallen military, heroes, and victims of terror attacks. It’s called the Global War On Terror Wall Of Remembrance.

The tour stopped in Yukon on Independence Day. The goal is to be within 50 miles of the hometowns of each fallen person whose name is inscribed on the wall.

Max Whipple, a veteran, came to visit the wall.

“It’s very honorable because it’s written. It’s permanent,” he said. Whipple found his brother’s name. “His name was Staff Sergeant Rex Lloyd Schad. He was killed in action March 11, 2013.”

Whipple said Schad died in Afghanistan when an insurgent jumped on the back of the truck and unloaded a fully-automatic rifle.

The same day, he shared his story with Tiffany Gobble, another veteran with a common bond. She also found her brother’s name on the wall. Her brother was 1st Lt. Damon Leehan.

“He was hit by an IED and he was killed, from what we know, instantly,” said Gobble.

He died in Afghanistan on August 14, 2011.

Whipple and Gobble both say their brothers died doing what they loved, serving the country. This Wall of Remembrance is a reminder that their loved ones will never be forgotten.

“As long as each one of these names can be remembered by somebody, then their legacies will live forever,” Whipple said.

The event in Yukon is hosted by Brandon Crusha, the owner of Brotherhood Garage. He is a wounded marine honoring his fallen brothers and sisters one last time.