Moore Woman Says She Was Pressured To Delete Video Of Airplane Fire

Thursday, July 6th 2017, 6:56 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A Moore woman says her dream vacation turned into a nightmare when her plane had to be diverted.

The plane, which was supposed to land in Oklahoma City, had to stop in Dallas instead.  What happened next is what has her worried about her health and demanding a refund. 

Melissa Miller of Moore said the cabin was filled with a toxic smell and firetrucks had surrounded the plane. A phone charger had started a small fire, forcing the plane to land in Dallas. People had to cover their mouths because of the stench. 

Despite that, Miller said passengers were not allowed to de-board. 

"There really was no air conditioning, they never brought any fans in or anything," said Miller.

When Miller started taking video of firefighters who boarded, a flight attendant demanded she stop and told Miller to delete all photos and videos from the plane.

"I sat there, like I said just almost had tears in my eyes the whole time,” said Miller. “I was just humiliated and I had anxiety anyway from riding in this airplane with fumes."

Allegiant Spokeswoman Hillary Grey said the airline has a policy against shooting video of its crew. 

News 9 asked, "Under what authority is she allowed to search someone's phone?”

Grey replied, “I don't believe, I don't know that there was a search.” 

Miller said, “There was... She stood right beside me and asked me to show her what I had recorded or taken pictures of and then she asked me to delete them while she stood there.”

As for having passengers sit in the hot plane with the fumes, Grey said, “We have looked at the records on this flight and operations didn't give any indication that there was any issues with the air."

Miller isn't so sure.

"I'd like my money back and I think I need to probably go back to the doctor,” said Miller. “I would suggest that everybody should go to the doctor and get checked out. We don't know what we were breathing."

Grey did say all passengers would receive travel vouchers.