Late Night Prison Riot Breaks Out In Hinton, Under Control By Monday Morning

Sunday, July 9th 2017, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

A prison riot, initially involving hundreds of inmates, broke out last night and continued into the early morning at the Great Plains Correctional Facility in Hinton. Emergency vehicles began leaving the prison as the situation was controlled around 4 a.m.

At one point, two guards were taken prisoner but have since made it to safety. The Caddo County Sheriff's Office reported approximately 250 to 300 inmates took to the yard and refused to go back inside the prison.

There are several layers of security fences at the prison and, according to our sources, the rioting prisoners made it past one to two of those fences. Authorities have reassured citizens the perimeter around the prison has not been breached.

The Great Plains prison is a private prison run by the GEO Group and is under contract for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The prison reopened in 2014 and holds approximately 1,900 federal prisoners.

The GEO Group released a statement Monday morning:

In the evening of July 9, a group of approximately 400 inmates engaged in a disturbance in two separate recreation yards at the Great Plains Correctional Facility. The Facility immediately notified the Federal Bureau of Prisons and local authorities, and correctional staff mobilized quickly to secure the Facility and ensure the safety of all staff, inmates, and the public. At the outset of the disturbance, two correctional staff were initially unable to leave one of the recreation yards but were securely escorted out promptly thereafter. As a result of the prompt and immediate actions taken by the Facility’s staff supported by onsite Bureau of Prisons staff and local law enforcement agencies, the Facility was secured with no serious injuries to either staff, inmates, or law enforcement personnel. A thorough review of the incident is currently underway in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and all appropriate local authorities. The Great Plains Correctional Facility would like to extend its gratitude to all local law enforcement agencies who responded promptly to help secure the Facility, including the Caddo County Sheriff's Office, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Hinton Police Department, the Hydro Police Department, the Geary Police Department, and the Binger Police Department.