Three Corrections Officers Hurt In Hinton Prison Riot

Monday, July 10th 2017, 4:06 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Three corrections officers and several inmates were hurt in an early morning prison riot in Hinton.

We are told corrections officers were attacked and stripped of their radios when about 400 inmates rioted at the Great Plains Federal Corrections Facility.

One officer's mother says he suffered a concussion, beaten even after he was unconscious. Inmates took over buildings and knocked down fences. 

"Some fences were damaged inside the compound. Some of the buildings were breached by the inmates," said Hinton Town Administrator Matt Mears, "But, the perimeter fence, of course my concern for the citizens never were damaged."

Carol Coffey lives just down the road from the prison.

"Lots of lights. Lots of noises. The gas bombs or flash bombs whatever they call them were very loud," Coffey said.

Authorities regained control of the privately owned prison around 4:30 a.m. A spokesman for the Florida based company wouldn't answer our questions but released a statement saying, in part: 

"As a result of the prompt and immediate actions taken by the facility’s staff supported by onsite Bureau of Prisons staff and local law enforcement agencies, the facility was secured with no serious injuries to either staff, inmates, or law enforcement personnel."

Folks here in this tiny oil town say, despite the riot they're happy to have the prison.

"You have a facility that opens up, that brings 300 jobs to a small town, especially one where previously we were an oil based income, when oil fluctuates so much when they came in it added a little bit of stability to it." Mears said.

A prison spokesman says all of the injuries were minor.