Demonstrators Question Healthcare Bill At Sen. Lankford's Office

Wednesday, July 12th 2017, 7:56 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A small demonstration with a big message. A dozen people, concerned about the Republican healthcare bill, went to Senator James Lankford's Oklahoma City office looking for answers.

They left disappointed.

Laurie Taylor was born with a pre-existing condition. Cerebral Palsy. She relies on Medicaid, and the proposed plan scares her.  

“You cannot kill Americans like this. It's going to be slow. It's going to be gruesome,” said Taylor.

She and other demonstrators went to Senator Lankford's office wanting to tell their stories. But, with the exception of the receptionist, they were told there was no one there to listen Wednesday. The receptionist even kicked News 9’s camera out.

"We ask that nobody take pictures or use cameras. You're welcome to do that outside…Because I'm about to close this door," said the receptionist. 

News 9 asked for a copy of the video policy and was denied.

Cheryl Tobin is worried what impact the bill will have on her granddaughter who requires round the clock care.

"It’s scary that she's 25 years old and can't be on her parents’ insurance.” Tobin said, “They're talking about cuts to Medicaid. They say it won't affect services but you can't cut money to a program and not affect it.”

Aly Beley, a spokeswoman for Senator Lankford, sent News 9 a statement saying:

“Senator Lankford greatly values and appreciates all constituent feedback. As Senator Lankford pushes for reforms that ensure that health care is affordable for Oklahomans of all socioeconomic levels and all health conditions, he encourages Oklahomans to contact his office with concerns and recommended solutions"

Demonstrators say, that's not the message they got.

"No. I get the same blah blah blah today that we have been getting,” said Taylor.

Tobin added, "Not really. Not really. I got the impression that we were kind of a bother."