Police Arrest Man Accused Of Robbing, Assaulting Elderly Store Clerk

Friday, July 14th 2017, 6:38 pm
By: News 9

A 75-year-old store clerk is recovering after a brutal assault. Oklahoma City police arrested Alfred Proctor, 21, on Thursday for the incident. He is in the Oklahoma County jail accused of robbing the Short Stop at 5503 Northwest 50th Street and beating the store clerk.

Michael Massenburg and his brother came face-to-face with Proctor the day of the attack.

“We was on our way into the store when we got up in there,” said Massenburg. “There was a big ol’ black dude dude come from the back and pushed us back out the store and locked us out.”

Massenburg knew something was not right, so he and his brother stuck around.

“Probably two or three minutes later, we seen the same black dude that pushed us out of the store,” said Massenburg. “He come from the back running and looking back.”

They went to see what happened and saw the clerk holding a blood soaked rag.

“It was full of blood,” said Massenburg. “Looked like some skin was peeled up off his face. They did him real, real bad. That wasn’t cool at all.”

He called police and police say the clerk was able to push a silent panic button before the suspect left the store.

An quick investigation led police to Proctor, a man with a violent background.

Proctor was only 16-year-old when he was charged in 2012 for assaulting and robbing an ice cream vendor.

“We have had several interactions with him before,” said Officer Megan Morgan. “He has been arrested for robbery, assault and battery of a police officer, some white collar charges and he is on DOC probation as well right now.”

Proctor's latest victim has a long road to recovery and customers said he will be missed at the store.

“If I’m short on some change or something, it don’t matter he throw it to me,” said Massenburg. “He’s a good dude. I ain’t ever seen him get into it with nobody. He’s very well liked around here.”

The victim did not want to be interviewed for the story. His family tells News 9 they are thankful Proctor was caught.