OK Family Trapped In Car For 3 Hours Due To Fallen Power Pole

Tuesday, July 25th 2017, 6:34 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Trapped by live power lines on every side, Amber Hulce thought back to a random call she got earlier in the evening from her grandmother.

“My Grandma calls us when we were going into Purcell,” she recalled. “And when Nana has that inkling to call, she calls it her connection to God. God's nudging her.”

Hulce's family, including three kids, had been on their way home from Lake Murray when it started to storm.

“We were actually joking because he (her husband) left his car windows down before we left the house. I was like, it could be worse,” said Hulce.

Seconds later, it was.

“I’m looking at the pole coming down on my side,” Hulce said.

Hulce was driving the new car she just got for graduation down Highway 39 when power poles started crashing down. One landed right on her car.

“It was like a big bang, then the popping of the air bags and then five or 10 seconds just silence,” said her husband Jonathan.

Hulce originally thought the car was on fire and rushed to get out, but a huge pole was blocking her in. Then On-Star called and help was coming. But because of the live power lines, it took three hours before they were rescued. When they finally were, Hucle saw how fatal her first instinct could have been.

“If I would have been able to get out, I would have stepped on the wire directly.”

All three adults were taken to the hospital with concussions. The children were fine. But Hulce credits Nana's “nudge from God” that it wasn't worse.

“I was stepping out of the car, but God put that pole to block me in for a reason.”