Slaughterville, OK Named To "Weirdest Town Names In Every State" List

Monday, July 31st 2017, 9:15 am
By: News 9

An Oklahoma town has been named the weirdest town in Oklahoma, according to a list of "Weirdest Town Names In Every State" by 

According to the list, Slaughterville, OK is the "weirdest" town name in Oklahoma. The town located southeast of Norman is thirty-nine square-miles with a population of around 4,100. The name is said to have originated after a local tourist hot spot located off Highway 77 named "Slaughter's Corner." 

Other "weird" town names that made the list include, Anaconda, Loveladies, Hell, Santa Claus, Monkey's Eyebrow, Paw Paw, and Nameless. Below is the complete list of "weird town names".

Alabama: Lick Skillet (Named after a brawl where one reported "he licked him with the skillet")

Alaska: Deadhorse (An early company in the area had an exclusive contract to car away dead horses)

Arizona: Carefree  (A handshake between two developers christened the name

Arkansas: Weiner (Named after a railroad official in St. Louis

California: Rough and Ready (A mining company that paid homage to the nickname of Gen. & Pres. Zachary Taylor)

Colorado: Hygiene (Named for a nearby sanitarium that helped tuberculosis patients

Connecticut: Hazardville (Named after Colonel Hazard, who owned the Hazard Gunpower Company)

Delaware: Slaughter Beach (Either from the springtime masses of horseshoe crabs or from a 1800s postmaster) 

Florida: Treasure Island (An attempt to boost sales by pretending hidden chests held treasure

Georgia: Hopeulikit (Named for 1920s dance call called "Hope You Like It")

Hawaii: Kurtistown (Named for A.G. Curtis, who owned the town's oldest post office

Idaho: Slickpoo (Named after Josiah Slickpoo, who provided a site for a church) 

Illinois: Goofy Ridge (After a game warden shot a walnut off a volunteer's head, it was said to be "one goofy thing to do")

Indiana: Santa Claus (Originally called Santa Fe, but re-named due to conflicts with New Mexico

Iowa: Jamaica (A blindfolded mayor pointed at Jamaica on the map to give this town its name

Kansas: Canada (and Ottawa) (Founded by the sons of the former Speaker of the Canadian Senate in 1883

Kentucky: Monkey's Eyebrow (How the town apparently looks if viewed from atop a hill

Louisiana: Uneedus (Named after the Houlton Lumber Company, whose slogan was simply "You Need Us"

Maine: Norway (The result of a clerical error after someone misheard the original name, Norage

Maryland: Martin's Additions (Named after Harry M. Martin bough land from nearby Chevy Chase

Massachusetts: Athol (Named for Scottish second of Duke of Atholl

Michigan: Hell (No clear idea, but fully embraced pun infused ads

Minnesota: Climax (Named after a local tobacco company

Mississippi: Soso (Named for Postmaster Jim Eaton's constant usage of "so-so" to describe how he was feeling.)

Missouri: Tightwad (Named after a store owner ripped off a postman on transaction

Montana: Anaconda (Named after a mining company

Nebraska: Surprise (Settlers were surprised that the land was so much better than they previously expected

Nevada: Beowawe (A railroad speculator inspired the Paiute to coin this name-which means "Ample Posterior"

New Hampshire: Dummer (A tribute to former MA governor William Dummer) 

New Jersey: Loveladies (Named after founder Thomas Lovelady who owned a nearby island he called "Lovelady's")

New Mexico: Truth or Consequences (Named after NBC radio show of same name

New York: Horseheads (Named for the remains of Military Pack horses who belonged to the armies of Gen. Sullivan) 

North Carolina: Lizard Lick (Named after passerbys who noticed lizards licking themselves

North Dakota: Zap (Named after a prominent banking family with the last name Zapp)

Ohio: Pee Pee (Named after a settler who carved his initials "P.P." on a nearby tree)

Oklahoma: Slaughterville (Named after a small business owner/resident Jim Slaughter)

Oregon: Boring (Named after Union soldier, William H. Boring) 

Pennsylvania: Intercourse (Named either for crossing sections or symbolism of social interaction and faith)

Rhode Island: Woonsocket (Named from a waterfall by the same name) 

South Carolina: Pumpkintown (Name by a visitor who was in awe of the large pumpkins grown) 

South Dakota: Blunt (Named after a railroad official during the late 1800s)

Tennessee: Nameless (No definitive explanation

Texas: Ding Dong (Named after a logo with the words "ding" and "dong" underneath.)

Utah : Hurricane (Named after strong winds) 

Vermont: Tinmouth (Inspired by two English towns that have similar-sounding names: Tynemouth and Teighmouth) 

Virginia: Tighsqueeze (It was truly a tight squeeze for travelers navigating a narrow highway between two shops in the 1800s) 

Washington: Medical Lake (Named for it's beautiful lake that was thought to have healing powers) 

West Virginia: Paw Paw (Named for the "Paw Paw" Bends of the Potomac, which received its name from pawpaw trees)

Wisconsin: Egg Harbor (Named for epid egg fight that occurred when a six-boat trading flotilla competed for a same spot of land) 

Wyoming: Chugwater (Named for the sound of a herd of bison who fell from a cliff into a stream after being chased) 

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