OKC Apartment Resident Collecting School Supplies For Families In Need

Monday, July 31st 2017, 3:06 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Back to school season can be stressful. Not just for kids, but for parents too. It can be especially stressful if parents don't have the money for school supplies. 

That's why one woman is doing something to help her neighbors. 

Lucinda Barboza is a single mother of four. She says every day is a struggle. 

However, she says, this time of year is the worst. Her children needed school supplies and she simply didn't have the money. 

“This time, it was either buy them or buy him some shoes,” she said pointing to her son. “I just went and bought him some shoes. So. Some shoes that he needed for school.”

That's where Shdyna Green stepped in with boxes full of supplies. Green started the Wilshire Valley Resource Center after seeing her neighbors struggle to feed and clothe their children. She wanted to help because she's been there.

"Because I was a single parent myself of four children and I knew how hard it was before I was able, to be able to stand on my feet," Green said.

The center collects food, diapers, clothes and other necessities throughout the year to hand out to those in need. This time of year they gather school supplies.

Green says she knows the best way out of poverty for these children is a good education, but they need the proper tools to get that education. 

"So I hope this really will help you guys,” Green told Barboza, both fighting back tears.

“Yes it will. So, I'm gonna try not to cry,” Barboza said.

Green says she believes it's up to neighbors to help each other out. 

There are about 60 more low income children in the complex who still need school supplies. If you want to help you can drop off supplies at: 608 Musgrave Blvd. #21. Oklahoma City, OK 73114