Ardmore Shoplifting Confrontation Caught On Camera

Sunday, August 6th 2017, 7:09 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Ardmore police are looking for a suspected shoplifter who allegedly had her 8-year-old daughter steal for her.  

When she was confronted, the suspect left her children and mother behind, hitting a store owner with her car as she drove off. The whole thing is caught on camera.  

A cashier at Bargain Lady Clothing said she spotted little girl stealing clothes on Saturday at the direction of her mother.  

News 9 is not showing the child's face because of her age. Business owner Mary Littleton confronted the woman outside.

"If there's shoplifting going on, its my job ... ," Littleton said as the woman cut her off.

“I understand that but there's no reason at all for you to act like a (expletive) to me," the woman said according to the video.

The suspect told her two daughters to get in the car as the her mother pleads with her to cooperate. Then, the suspect started backing out.

"Please move?” the suspect’s mother asks Littleton.

“Nope,” Littleton replies.

“Hey, you're gonna run over her,” the suspect’s mother told her daughter.  

“She's running over me. She's hitting me right now," Littleton can be heard saying as the car pushes her.

The terrified children jump out of the moving car, and the suspect drove off, leaving her mother and two children behind.  

"Yeah she just left 'em. Left in the driveway. It was it was very emotional very stressful. For all of us," Littleton explained.

News 9 is not naming the mother suspect since she hasn't been arrested. No one from the Ardmore Police Department was available for comment on Sunday.  

"She should've already been arrested,” Littleton said. “And there is been no response whatsoever. We are not happy with this."

News 9 called the suspect's mother.  She wouldn't go on camera but said she hasn't seen her daughter since the incident.

The woman has a criminal history that includes theft.  

"It wasn't even the shoplifting,” Littleton said. “It was the point that she was using her daughter to shoplift. She was teaching a minor how to be a thief."

Littleton and her staff said they don't necessarily want the woman to go to jail. They just want to see her get help, and make sure the children are safe.

"I just saw the fear in their eyes,” cashier Samantha Larsen said. “How nervous they are, and they shouldn't have to feel like That being an 8-year-old child."

"Shame on her. Shame on her. She needs a wake up call," Littleton said.