Thief Steals Mattress From SW OKC Business

Saturday, August 12th 2017, 10:38 pm
By: News 9

One metro thief will have no trouble sleeping at night after stealing a mattress Saturday from a southwest Oklahoma City store.

It happened about 7 a.m., three hours before Mattress Discounter opened Saturday. It was a bold move in broad daylight. More surprising, though, is the fact that the bednapper acted alone.

Mattress Discounter owner Stephen Anthony had quite the wake-up call when his employees arrived to work Saturday.

Surveillance cameras revealed a thief breaking the lock on the front door, and he wanted one item in particular. The hooded man was in and out with a queen-sized mattress in less than one minute, wrestling it into a dark-colored pickup truck and driving away.

“He was pretty desperate and he was pretty motivated when he came to get it,” Anthony said in awe.

Anthony cannot help but laugh at the man's determination, especially because this was not just any feather-bed. It was a high-end, Sealy PosturePedic foam mattress weighing about 400 pounds. It normally takes two employees to load them onto customers' cars.

"They’re extremely heavy and he was really strong. I was really impressed,” Anthony said.

Anthony has been selling mattresses for 15 years and says he has never seen anything quite like this.

“I’ve never had anybody steal a mattress, and I guess that’s what makes it so funny to me,” he said.

It is a serious loss for his company, however. At $1,400, Anthony said the mattress is one of his top sellers.

He now plans to install a new alarm, that will not be set to snooze.

“We’re not a huge company that can afford just to lose beds and just give them away,” Anthony said. “We have to work for them and purchase them.”

If you hear of anyone suspicious bragging about getting a better night's sleep, call police.