OKCPS Threatens Lawsuit Over Funding

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 6:32 pm
By: Karl Torp

The Oklahoma City Public School District is taking a tough stance against state lawmakers.

Education leaders are telling legislators to figure out a way to give state schools more money or prepare to head to court. The School Board is expected to sign a resolution saying it will seek legal counsel and explore taking action with a lawsuit against lawmakers.

“The students of the state need adequate education funding now. We owe this to them,” says OKCPS Superintendent Aurora Lora.

The district feels lawmakers can provide more funding during an expected special session.

There is a precedent of school district filing lawsuits against state lawmakers. According to the Oklahoma State School Board Associations, 45 states have had similar lawsuits over providing adequate funding.

Recently, Kansas’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of schools. Kansas lawmakers are now trying to figure out how to appropriate more money for education.

Legislative leaders in Oklahoma are weighing in on OKCPS’s plan.

"Not only would a lawsuit waste the school district's money, it would waste additional taxpayer dollars to defend it. The Oklahoma City Public School District needs to stop playing political games and get back to educating students,” says House Speaker Charles McCall.

“This is merely a media stunt by the Oklahoma City Public School district,” says Senate Pro Tem Mike Schulz.